StanleyThe Stanley Works, originally a bolt and door hardware manufacturing company located in New Britain, Connecticut; was founded in 1843 by Frederick T. Stanley. A few years later, in 1857, Frederick’s cousin, Henry Stanley, founded The Stanley Rule and Level Company. In 1920, The Rule and Level Company merged with The Stanley Works and would go on to become its famous Hand Tools Division.

Over the years, The Stanley Works has produced some of the most innovative and useful tools ever made. Among these tools are the Bailey® Plane, the Surform® shaper, the PowerLock® tape rule and most recently the FatMax™ line of products. Today, more than ever, Stanley continues to be an industry leader in hand tool innovation.

For us, it all starts with you. Before we even begin designing a tool, we ask the people who use them everyday what they need from it. What do you use it for? How do you use it? What do you use it on? Lots of questions, but it gives us lots of information to work on new products. And then we test them. All testing is designed to mimic day-to-day use, and then some. We twist them, bend them, squash them, drop weights on them, grind them down, pull them apart and look at them under the microscope. We do this in blistering heat, freezing cold and soaking wet conditions. In short, to make them stronger, we first have to destroy them.

The results of all the research, testing and development our new products go through can be seen across our product. From FuBars and AntiVibe hammers to saws that stay sharp, staplers that don't misfire and levels that are twice as strong as before.

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